Your Best Motorcycle Ride- Part II

sunset florida
View from our room, sun set in Fort Myers, Florida

Coming up with my best ride with Anny was no easy task. After spending one month on the road together, there were so many routes and out of the way places that I was beginning to think I could not pick a specific ride, but since Anny was following me in the truck, I would chose a ride that we physically did together.

There have been short rides, long rides, and spur of the moment rides. We have ridden as far as Savannah, Georgia and a few rides through Florida. Of course, there is always the first ride. But, the best ride and something every biker knows and understands, is the spur of the moment ride when you end up staying overnight somewhere you never planned for.


I have always said motorcycles are dangerous, and that’s because a one hour ride ends up being an overnight stay 200 miles away. We are all guilty of that. On Christmas day 2012, I was bored and I suggested a ride. Anny had never been on Snake Road before; a windy road that cuts through the Indian Seminole Reservation, so I knew she would enjoy it. Once we arrived at Snake Road I had another suggestion; “Fort Myers is 80 miles away. Let’s spend the night.” I did not have to twist her arm.

With no clothes or personal toiletries, we were able to find a gas station that was open. We bought contact lens solution, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a hairbrush; more than enough to get us through the night.

All the hotels flashed “no vacancy” signs except one; Best Western. They had one room left on the first floor, overlooking the bay; perfect!


After checking in and dropping off the little plastic bag that held our toiletries, time to find dinner. Again, as luck would have it in downtown Ft. Myers, there was one restaurant open. The staff consisted of one bartender and one cook, so any drinks or food we wanted, we had to get ourselves, but that was fine with us. We sat alone on the sidewalk enjoying the cool weather while I had a cigar. The best part; the bartender only billed us for two beers and not the food even when we told him the bill was wrong.

As long as motorcycles exist, there will always be that spur of the moment ride where you end up 200 miles away looking for a hotel. It is what makes motorcycle riding so exciting and that is multiplied by a hundred if you enjoy it with the one you love.

What was your favorite ride with a loved one?

MC Atty

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honda vtx 1800, snake road florida
Not packed, but ready to roll. Snake Road 12/25/12

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