You Should Be Furious! Nashville Bike Week!

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This has gotten out of hand. The latest from Nashville Bike Week– the website has been updated to read under the “Terms of Use” the following:

“There will be no refunds of any kind for purchased tickets and camping passes. Please review all orders carefully.”

nashville bike week 2017, unofficial nashville bike week
Nashville Bike Week Website

It has become obvious to me what this event really is, and it should have become obvious to you a long time ago. People want to give this event a chance, but at what point do you say enough is enough? He’s already made clear in a radio interview that he will remain in hiding until this event is finished because he wants to complete “his dream” and that he has “bigger fish to fry” than pending arrest warrants. Apparently, his dreams are everyone else’s nightmares!


It’s also obvious to me he keeps reading my blogs because every time I write he should do something, he does it. I even mentioned how the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use page on his website was blank and that per the laws governing websites, it could not be.

Now, Mike Axle, or Leffingwell, updates the Terms of Use only to advise you that you can kiss your refund good bye and to review all orders carefully? What orders? New orders? Prior orders? I’m furious with this and I didn’t buy anything, although I was thinking about going. Not to mention that’s not what I meant by updating the Terms of Use and that statement doesn’t even apply to the Terms of Use policy.

He also posted on the Facebook page that they will do a Facebook live next week from their new venue. Obviously he won’t be there. Wasn’t this supposed to be done weeks ago?

mike leffingwell nashville bike week

At this point, I don’t know why anyone would be interested in attending this event even if it were to go forward. To say it’s “disorganized” is actually a compliment.

SMH…….. and did I mentioned pissed off?

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