You Could Have Killed Me, Bro!

motorcycle accident

There is no denying that within the motorcycle sub-culture, there are different factions. Take for example, Harley Davidson riders versus Honda or any another metric. However, without a doubt, the most significant differences exist not only between the style of motorcycles, but also the riding of style of speed bikes versus cruisers.

Cruisers as the name implies, like to cruise. For the most part, it is all about the ride and taking our time to stop and smell the roses. Speed bikes as the name implies, well, like to speed.

YouTube has thousands of videos of sport bikes racing through the traffic, lane splitting, and doing stunts. Now, without a doubt, I appreciate the skill level required to pop a wheelie on a bike, and I’m even more impressed when you can maintain the speed of the motorcycle. The faster the more impressive.


The first time I witnessed this, I was riding my Honda Goldwing to bike night. Back then, the place to be was at Fuddruckers on US-1. Easily five hundred motorcycles would be in attendance. Anyway, I’m cruising on the highway nearing the exit, but, through my rear view mirror, something strange is coming up fast behind me.

I keep taking a peek at the mirror wondering what the hell is that? I start to speed up now, more worried than anything else, and even though I probably hit around eighty miles per hour, a sport bike blows right by me doing a wheelie! Insane!

On a side note, most motorcycle accidents in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale occur on Thursday night, aka bike night. Hmm… I wonder why.


Anyway, fast forward a decade later to this past Sunday. With an extended July 4th weekend, I forgot to take a client file home with me, so I had no choice but to return to the office. I decided Sunday morning would be fine. I can go on the motorcycle, take the scenic route, kill a couple of hours, and enjoy myself before it got too hot.

Once I turned right on US-27 from Krome Avenue, travelling east, I see a group of sport bikes riding at slow speeds and talking with one another. Great! Well, after about a mile, three of them take off hauling ass and blow by me traveling at least one hundred miles an hour. There is a large swooping curve ahead and I assume that is what they were waiting for. On this two lane road, there was a work van in the right lane. I thought to myself: “hope he doesn’t switch lanes.”

Nothing happened but of course, a few moments later, comes the next guy doing a wheelie somewhere between ninety to one hundred miles per hour. Impressive! Absolutely! Stupid? Absolutely!

Had the biker lost control in any way of his motorcycle, or got cut off by a van, or cat or raccoon or anything else you can think of got in the way of that motorcycle, he would have lost control and taken me and my bike out!

You could have killed me bro! I don’t deserve that! I was enjoying my ride.

Now, I wrote this blog because a popular YouTube vlogger lost control of his motorcycle trying a wheelie and the result was luckily for him, only a broken ankle. He was performing the stunt on the highway. He also was lucky another car did not come up from behind him and run him over.

Now, you want to perform those stunts in the safety of an empty parking lot or a race track, by all means, however, you are no different than a cager that drives recklessly and risks my life unnecessarily.

And the funny part, he has a Gofundme page set up.

MC Atty

Click the photo below to be taken to a video by a Florida Highway Patrol Officer mentioning all the criminal offenses and traffic fines this rider has committed.

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