Wood, Algae and a Motorcycle

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Ready to test their motorcycle on the beach. Photos courtesy of Ritsert Mans/ photography by Jesse Kraal

Because of social media and the internet, it is fascinating to see some of the creations of individuals when it comes to recycling. Whether it is a car rim used as a fire pit, wood pallet furniture, or wooden motorcycles that run on algae. What?


Yes, you read correctly. Scientist Peter Mooij, whose specialty is algae, has worked his entire career on being able to remove fuel from the abundant source of algae. Not only did he succeed in doing so, he was also able to grow algae in its natural state of salt water.

Teaming up with Dutch designer Ritsert Mans, they fabricated a motorcycle made from wood. Cork and hemp were used as a reinforcement and the swing arm, complete with spring, was fabricated with birch and oak, oiled cork, and a cork insert to provide compression. Now, I have no idea what that means, but it sounds cool to me.

The motorcycle straight out of the future, runs on a 500cc single cylinder fuel engine and power is given to the rear wheel via a belt drive. And to add to the friendly environmental factor, during photosynthesis, algae removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and the amount emitted from running the motorcycle is the same amount it took in.


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Test motorcycle ride on the beach.

Reminding me of TROG (The Race of Gentlemen), they even tested their motorcycle on the beach as that is how motorcycles were tested in the past. Of course, the algae to run the motorcycle also came from the ocean.

The tank of the motorcycle is .4 liters. No details has been released on the specifications, so top speed and how many “miles to the gallon” are unknown at this time.

Below is the video they posted on YouTube.

I look forward to what else this duo can imagine and improve upon their original design.

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