Women and Motorcycles

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Women and Motorcycles

The two go hand-in-hand, don’t they? But what about when it doesn’t?

Maybe I am lucky, but nothing like having a woman that has your back and supports what you do, especially when they don’t agree with you. I’ve always said I want a partner that doesn’t agree with me, just one that supports me, and I have found that in Anny. With it means I can ride my motorcycle whenever I want without there being an argument.

Anny loves to the ride the motorcycle with me and the feeling is mutual. Even when we were trying to figure out the logistics of me traveling the country by motorcycle, one option was for her to fly out to Colorado to meet up with me, meaning, I would be riding alone for one week. Ultimately, she followed me in the truck, but, barring a cross country trip, what about a trip to the local biker bar or my favorite; the ride to nowhere.

On the weekends especially now with the cooler weather, I ride the motorcycle to the office. From there, I may ride around for a while, stopping somewhere for lunch, most likely an outdoor bar/restaurant. The cool thing– that’s cool with Anny. However, I know way too many men that can’t even think of taking their motorcycle down the street to fill up for gas unless their woman is on the back. Why?


We have all known men that have ridden for years, thousands of miles, but when the new girl comes into their life, since she doesn’t like the biker lifestyle or motorcycles, she prohibits him from riding. As a result, he doesn’t ride with his friends anymore and doesn’t get to feel the freedom motorcycle riding provides. Riding a motorcycle is many things, and one thing that for sure it is, is a way for us to relax.

I admit, I was in a relationship where she didn’t want me to ride alone (“was” is the operative word). But the question is why? If a man says you can’t do your nails anymore, how would you react if you were a woman? What if for years a group of girlfriends get together every few weeks to drink wine and talk about life and “johnny come lately” steps in and says “no more of that.” You wouldn’t like that, would you?

It’s easy to see why, not to mention why would you want someone like that in your life? It is a form of controlling the other person and while I am no expert in relationships, I can guarantee you that you don’t want to be in a relationship where you are being controlled. No one does! And as to bikers that love the open road and freedom it provides, trying to be controlled never works. It may work temporarily, but it never will in the long run.

Oh, and more thing- if your response is I don’t want him putting another woman on the bike or meeting other women, that point is absurd. There are women everywhere! Just look around! You might as well not even let him go to the grocery store alone! Actually, I know couples like that, too.

Why bother being in a relationship where you spend your time worrying about what the other person is doing? Either there is something wrong with him or you, either way, it is a recipe for disaster. Before you met your significant other, you were an individual. You shouldn’t lose your identity because you are sharing your life with someone. The person you have chosen to spend your life with, should be helping you grow, not shrink! This just doesn’t apply to those who love to ride motorcycles.

Let people be. I don’t pretend to understand why some women love shopping or doing their nails. I just know that they do and that is good enough for me, and that should be good enough for you.

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