Why Me?

motorcycle crash, motorcycle accidents

The sound of rolling thunder has been replaced by the quiet hum of my engine.

I feel the heat of the asphalt rising up to my face. My thoughts drift away as I start to clear my mind. I make a turn, leaning into it, slightly twisting the throttle. Then… I draw a blank.

The next day I crank up my bike again. I take the same route. The same thoughts cloud my mind. I lean into the same curve. Again, I draw a blank.


This plays out over and over again in my mind. I try changing my route the next day, but I reach the same result. Even if I take a different turn along the way, I end up on the same road and go blank as I lean into that turn.


Today it was raining so I decided to skip riding, yet, I found myself on that same road and turn. This time I see a gathering of all my biker friends and family. Hundreds of bikes are parked along the side of the road. A cross is staked into the ground just a few feet from the crowd. I try to read the name on the cross but it is blurred. I see my family, friends, and loved ones all gathered around crying. “Why is everyone crying,” I yell? No one pays attention to me.

“I’ll get their attention. I’ll crank up my brother’s bike. He loves that bike. No one can touch it.” But nothing happens. His headlamp flickers. I see that he looks over to me, then the sky. I hear him whisper: “ride the Heavens my brother. Until we meet again.”

Please, Watch Out for Bikes. We are no different than you. We just prefer two wheels over four.


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