Where’s Mike Axle? (Nashville Bike Week)

crowd photo sturgis motorcycle rally
See him?


Lately, you are more likely to see an Elvis or Tupac sighting than you will a sighting of Mike Axle (or Mike Leffingwell), the promoter of Nashville Bike Week.

I can’t deny that I have been digging around or that I have been talking to people to find out more about you. People are asking questions and you aren’t answering them. And yes, there are plenty of people looking for you.

From what it seems for now, he’s nowhere to be found and that’s worrisome. I hope Mike Axle reads this because I only have one word to ask; why?

  1. Why aren’t you around Mike?
  2. Why the name change?
  3. Why aren’t you refunding requests immediately?
  4. Why are people suppose to receive a certified check instead of a charge back on their credit card?
  5. Why are comments being deleted from your Facebook page?
  6. Why are you opening/closing your personal page on Facebook an endless amount of times?
  7. Why haven’t you provided any proof that the event will go forward, other than you or a flunkie posting on your event page that it will?
  8. Why haven’t you confronted the media and done an interview to make ticket purchasers feel at ease?
  9. Why haven’t you spoken with police?
  10. Why haven’t you applied for any permits?
  11. Why did you do this?

Mike, once again, I’m ready for a Q & A. In the meantime, if you think you have been ripped off, call your credit card company, the local sheriff’s office, and feel free to send me an email at alex@mcatty.com.

I have never wanted to be more wrong in my life!!!!

MC Atty

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