Where Does Your State Rank with Motorcycles

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Interesting statistics were published earlier this week by the Department of Transportation. According to their statistics, there are 8.6 million motorcycles registered in the United States.

The study by the Department of Transportation is not just focusing on which states has the most motorcycles, as obviously California, Florida and Texas lead the pack, but how many motorcycles per person in each state, thus, the results were surprising. Thus, while California might have eight hundred thousand plus motorcycles, it amounts to less than .02 motorcycles per person.

The states are as follows:

North Dakota

North Dakota has few residents, approximately 757,000 which makes for lots of empty roads and riding, but of course, let’s not forget the brutal winters. However, because of the small amount of residents, North Dakota has one motorcycle registered for almost every twenty people living in the state. There are 39,000 registered motorcycles.

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Tourism ad by the state of North Dakota



The state of Wyoming which I have visited twice during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in order to see Devils Tower, has approximately 586,700 residents with 31,000 motorcycles registered, resulting in one motorcycle for every 18.9 people.

devil tower wyoming
Motorcycles riding past Devils Tower Wyoming


New Hampshire

While I have never been to New Hampshire, there must be some beautiful riding roads especially close to the change of seasons. And if I ride through New Hampshire, I won’t be alone since approximately one person out of every eighteen has a motorcycle. There are 74,000 motorcycles registered in the state.

new hampshire bmw motorcycle dealers
Mount Washington auto road Gorham New Hampshire



Wisconsin, where Harley Davidson Motorcycles was born, has one motorcycle per every 17.8 people. There are a total of 5.8 million residents and 324,600 of them have motorcycles.

wisconsin university online, hotels downtown milwaukee wisconsin
Devils Lake State Park, Wisconsin



There are 189,500 motorcycles registered in Iowa for its three million residents. That comes out to one motorcycle for every sixteen and a half people.

iowa university online, iowa motorcycle museum
A motorcycle safety ride in Iowa.


South Dakota

South Dakota, home of the world’s largest motorcycle rally with the Sturgis Rally, has one motorcycle per every 8.9 people. South Dakota has 858,000 residents.

hotels near mount rushmore south dakota
Nothing like the pigtails and switchbacks on the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway



Surprise! Montana leads the pack. With one million residents and 197,000 motorcycles registered, Montana comes in with one motorcycle for every 5.2 people.

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