Where Are You?

This isn’t the first time I say ask yourself the question where are you when you are riding your motorcycle. Where you are while riding is more important than where you will end up. But, I’ve also mentioned it is important to figure out where you are going and how you are getting there.

I know we take many things for granted in life. Whether it is your health or relationships, sometimes we get distracted with the heavy burdens of life’s problems. But, when you take things for granted, there are always consequences, especially when motorcycle riding. The fact is, one of quickest way to get into trouble when cruising on your bike is to get behind a truck! 

In the video link below, you see clearly what issues arise when you get behind a truck. Don’t! Whether you have to slow down considerably to be at a safe distance or speed up to pass the truck safely, just don’t get behind a truck. Luckily, this ended well with the motorcycle rider, but there are plenty times that it doesn’t.


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