When You Learn How to Ride, I’ll Ride With You

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Yesterday was the annual POAT (Police Officer Assistant Trust) ride organized by the police. Proceeds from the ride go to families of officers killed in the line of duty. It is a great cause and highly organized, as the police motor squad blocks traffic from Miami to Key Largo. I’ve done this ride countless of times but I skipped it in December because I was going out of town and skipped it yesterday because 99% of those riding have no clue on how to ride a motorcycle.


Approximately 500 plus motorcycles join the ride every year. The police cannot do a better job blocking traffic, including shutting down the turnpike. So what’s the problem? I’m surrounded by idiots!

I’m not going to waste time explaining how to ride in large groups because fact is, first you have to learn to ride by yourself. Nothing funnier than those that say I don’t do group rides either for the same reason, as they ride 200 feet through the parking lot dragging their feet or duck walk out until their motorcycle is in a straight line in the direction they are going.


Yesterday, I’m told three motorcycle accidents occurred. I do not know the facts surrounding those accidents, but I can tell you most accidents occur because of drinking and limited riding skills.

Every time I ride, I see the excessive drinking that goes on. “Riding with a buzz.” Trust me, on large rides like that, I leave before everyone else and enjoy the back roads by myself.


Because the overwhelming majority of motorcycle riders do not how to ride, I now avoid them and have basically gone back to solo rides. These people can’t ride sober so what makes them think they can ride liquored up I have no idea.

What’s even more pathetic, these people aren’t 15 years old anymore. They are adults, with adult kids, adult jobs, mortgages, and car payments. Here are some interesting facts on motorcycle accidents. 

Fact is I have idiots tell me all the time they ride better when they are drinking. That has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Beer balls doesn’t make you a better rider. Of course, I have challenged those people and have posted the same challenge many times on my Facebook Group Page M.S.A.R. where we will practice the course sober, then keep practicing but also drinking and then they can prove me wrong. The caveat: I’m filming everything. No one has ever taken me up on my offer. Don’t worry, I’ll sober you up before you leave, but my offer remains on the table.

The worst part of all this, companies, individuals, etc… charge to teach you how to ride a motorcycle whether at the beginner level or advanced. You know how much I charge? Zero! That’s correct! Well, except the week before the Turkey Ride & Drive where I’ll charge a turkey!

Yet, last year, only two people came to my class and prior to that, the free classes, I’ve gotten less than ten people in total. Of course, everyone tells me they know how to ride but they can’t make a simple U-turn. The fact that I promise in less than two hours they will ride at a level they never have before, I guess that is not enough motivation.

For this same reason, I now avoid motorcycle rallies and bike week. One day I may be able to figure out what makes people think they are cool when they are drinking and riding and they are in their forties, fifties, or sixties. To be clear, you aren’t cool. You are stupid though.

At these rallies, you see the people that ride one hundred miles a year. In my own neighborhood, I have a motorcycle rider that rides at most fifteen minutes on the weekend. I saw him preparing and loading his motorcycle on to a trailer and strapping it down, and apparently, this takes four hours. And yes, I offered him my free classes as well years ago.

In 2015, I rode out to Sturgis, South Dakota. The week before the rally, there were already tends of thousands of motorcycles there. Everyday I saw multiple accidents and I can tell what occurred at the scene. All those accidents were group riders. In Miami and Florida, I will admit you can get away with more because it is flat and straight, but after riding Tail of the Dragon and seeing all the drinking that was occurring at noon, I left in a hurry. When I ride, I don’t depend on my ego or machismo. I depend on my skills.

I wished it would end with just motorcycle riding, but the same goes for cagers. I still don’t understanding drinking and riding/driving in this day and age. Because of it, I know not to ride on certain days or times. Obvious ones like Cinco de Mayo, St. Patty’s day, etc…

I guess motorcycle riding and drinking go hand in hand, so does death. The choice is yours.

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