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It’s hot!

**Updated 7/1/17

It’s Hot!

In south Florida since we are used to the heat, just a few degrees drop in temperature and we are cold. However, once Spring and Summer rolls around, the temperature rises faster than your motorcycle can do a quarter mile.

As I write this, I just took a screen shot of the temperature in Miami.

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There is a good reason in south Florida most people give up motorcycle riding for a while or only ride at certain hours like in the evening or early morning. Once the weather cools down, you even see more bikers riding to work. We are the reverse of states that experience winter.

Temperature Chart

With the temperature chart, you have a better idea what the true temperature is as you crank up your motorcycle and go. In 2015 went I rode out to Sturgis, I wanted to ride in a loop to avoid riding through the same states and routes. So I started west until I reached Colorado, then north to South Dakota. On the return trip, I traveled southeast. However, if you read my book 25 & 18, you will notice how much I complained about the heat until I finally got out of Texas.

Riding with the “feels like” temperature at 104 degrees for a week was not fun, and I definitely took a beating physically. I always estimated I was riding in “total heat” of approximately 110-115 degrees.  This is important to know so that you are constantly hydrated. Without hydration, you are putting yourself in danger physically.

I will say that 100 degrees at 65 miles per hour did not feel like 105 degrees. It felt more like 150 degrees! Riding in the summer in Miami is tough, but once the temperature cools down at the end of summer, it will be nice to go out riding again.

Stay warm or cool and be safe.

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