What Has Become of Nashville Bike Week

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From Foynes Air Show which is actually in Ireland to the Blue Angels. From 101 live bands to none. From Loretta Lynn’s Ranch to you are on your own for a campsite. From a replica of downtown Nashville on site to a parking lot of the Grand Ole Opry.

All the news networks in Nashville are covering the story with exposés next. As I argued from the beginning, there is no face, at least not voluntary of Nashville Bike Week. You have the owner/promoter that refuses to go on air with the media and claimed for months that there are more investors, although we know for a fact there isn’t.

Multiple times for months someone else is taking over, last time it was a company with 25 years experience and you were turning yourself in. Mike, I have no other way to say it, it’s over!

At this point it doesn’t matter if your intentions were honorable or not in the beginning or in the middle. The only thing that matters is your intentions in the end. You know for a fact even if you wanted to, this event cannot go forward. You can never beat father time.

You can’t beat the outstanding warrants (5). You can’t beat the hundreds of consumer complaints filed. You can’t hide from local, state, and federal authorities. You just can’t. Even by your rationale, you would admit you over promised and under delivered, and in-between you got your family and now Janelle involved. I know you read what I write, so you know what happens to all those gifts. Do the right thing.


The end game is as clear as the Nashville sky. But, for every dollar and minute spent, it goes against you when you stand before the unsympathetic judges. Understand, have empathy, that people are travelling cross country only to arrive to nothing. How do you think those people are going to feel when they do? Those that haven’t been able to recoup their money, that’s money that could have gone towards their bills, their children, their retirement. Do the right thing.

Even if you wish to go forward with the event, then do, but refund the money and don’t hide behind concerts don’t give out refunds because campgrounds do.

When faced with a unique situation, I simply reverse roles. How would you feel if this was done to you? Your sister? And if there is no intent on moving forward, then let’s end the charade. You say when, and I will personally take you to the authorities and if you don’t want me involved, I will get a neutral third party involved. I guarantee you that you will be treated right, with dignity and respect. Law enforcement would not dare do anything if I am involved.

And I don’t have to be an attorney in Tennessee to do so. I’m just a concerned individual. I know your feelings about me but you don’t know my feelings about you. I have nothing personal against you. I never did. This was always about the bigger picture.

Because of the way that this has been handled, Nashville and the surrounding area will stay away from any attempts by others for future bike rallies. Up and coming rallies will feel the pain in their pockets until their event goes on for a few years and bikers are sure the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed. This will have long lasting effects on the motorcycle community that I love and has accepted me with open arms.

But the stain left behind won’t come off easy, not even with bleach. Don’t do it any longer for you. Do it for the intangible reasons like the negativity surrounding the great town of Nashville and the tangibles like good, hardworking people that deserve better.

Do the right thing.

MC Atty

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