What Does it Take?

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Please don’t text and drive!


What will it take to not be tailgated anymore? What will it take to not be cut off anymore? What will it to take no longer experience road rage when I/we ride?

What ever happened to one car length for every ten miles per hour? Why the rage and the anger towards us? We don’t know you. We did nothing wrong. What would it take to prove to you that your misdirected anger is wrong?

Do you no longer value safety and the lives of others? When did it become morally acceptable to put our lives in danger for no reason at all other than your carelessness? Will you take care of us in case of accident? Will you stop or keep going? When your insurance doesn’t cover the medical bills, will you open your wallet to help out financially since you caused the problem?

Please, respect the rules of the road. Respect us. Respect your fellow man and woman, whether they ride or not. We do not judge those who drive cars, so why judge those that ride motorcycles?

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