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Ready to share your story of your epic ride?

I created a new section on my blog earlier this week titled “Reader’s Stories.” That is when you, the reader can write and tell your own story to thousands of readers like yourself.

With and endless amount of roads to ride and miles to log, there are untold stories to be told. With that, tell me your story. Whether it is a trip you took, an experience while riding, your favorite motorcycle rally or your first one, finding that perfect motorcycle, motorcycle maintenance (especially since I only know how to break things, not fix them), or even your experiences building your custom motorcycle. Whatever your story is, tell it to me and thousands of others that way every motorcycle rider can enjoy new experiences and stories. Don’t worry about writing style- the more authentic the better and I’ll help you edit it.

Email me your story at alex@mcatty.com or just go straight to the contact section in this blog.

Looking forward to hear from you.

MC Atty


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