What Cagers Think -Part III (blocking traffic video)

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I wrote in a prior post titled What Cagers Think Part II, the issue of blocking traffic while motorcycle riding. As mentioned previously, I do not deny it is illegal, but, as I wrote before, it is for the safety of all, which includes the bikers and the cars.

This video gives you an idea why we block traffic and under what circumstances. I have posted other videos  as well on issues that motorcycle riders face while riding.

Unfortunately, this ride took place because we were going to a funeral for a fellow biker who was killed in a motorcycle accident by a driver of a vehicle. Jerry Jones was a correctional officer in Miami-Dade County and an avid motorcycle rider. I did a separate video for Jerry Jones that you can view here.

May you rest in peace and forever ride your Bagger, keeping watch over all others that ride.

Thank you and be safe.

M.C. Atty



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