What Cagers Think,  Part I

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Great example on what a truck driver sees or doesn’t.

Car Driver

“It has happened to me a million times before where I am driving along in my car, minding my own business, but I have that biker that keeps accelerating and keeping up with me like he is trying to race. What a jerk!”


“In actuality,  we have no desire to race you. We are simply trying to stay ahead of traffic which we do for safety reasons. When you see we are accelerating to keep up with you, it’s because we don’t want the other cars behind us to start switching lanes to cut us off. That not only blocks our view of any hazards that may be coming up on the road, but all the dirt, gravel, and road debris gets kicked up by the car and hits us.

Sometimes, a car will cut us off and then has to hit the brakes hard. You can imagine the dangers in that because we may not have enough time to stop plus the car behind us may be tailgating us.

Also, we try to keep pace with the car next to us to avoid any blind spots. For example, we may see a driver is using their cell phone and has the cell phone on the left side of their face which creates an even larger blind spot. We now need to start focusing on that driver, which may mean pass them up if possible but now it looks like we are speeding and riding aggressively.

If we think falling behind is best, then sometimes the drivers behind us get aggravated when we slow down and they begin to tailgate us on purpose to force us to speed up.”

Car Driver

“You even pay attention to who is on their cell phones?”


“Yes. We have to focus all our energies to look for and interpret any possible danger or threat that we may be in when riding.”

Car Driver-

“I never realized everything that is going on while you are riding. Thank you. I was definitely looking at this from another perspective. I guess the best thing is to try to put myself in your shoes to have a better understanding.”


No problem. Communication is the only way to things clear and not leave anything subject to interpretation.

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