We Can’t Help You Waco- Says Attorney General

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Updates on the Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting

This past week, after Abel Reyna dismissed cases against thirteen bikers in the Waco Biker Shooting at Twin Peaks, the McLennan County received a letter from the Texas Attorney General’s Office saying thanks, but no thanks.


The Attorney General’s Office declined assisting with prosecuting the remaining cases, citing they are involved in nine death penalty prosecutions. Originally, the request was made by Judge Ralph Strother, the same Judge that now Reyna’s office thinks should be recused from their cases.

As a result, Waco will continue to foot the bill, especially on recusals or cases with conflict of interests where private attorneys are retained instead to prosecute the cases. I fail to see how the town of Waco can avoid a bankruptcy because of all of this.

Next Upcoming Trial

Cossack member -Cody Ledbetter, is the next one scheduled for trial. As the other bikers, he faces charges of engaging in organized criminal activity. His father, Daniel Boyett was among one of the nine bikers that were killed at the shooting at Twin Peaks in Waco.

The trial is scheduled before Judge Matt Johnson, the judge that presided over the Christopher Jacob Carrizal trial.

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