We All Need Comfort When Camping

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Trekology Air Pad and small carry bag

We All Need Comfort When Camping

In 2015, I rode my motorcycle cross country for the Sturgis 75th Anniversary. One of my stops was in Estes Park, Colorado. Beautiful place to visit if you get the chance. Anyway, a couple arrived late to the campsite across from ours and while setting up their tent, the air pump was not completely charged. Luckily, my site had electricity which they used to charge their blower, but, it would still take a few hours for it to charge.

I had one air pump that worked with two D cell batteries and another pump that used electricity or via my car charger, so they were safe for the night. But, what if they were at a primitive site like I was in Badlands National Park? Don’t worry, Trekology has your back literally and figuratively.

I now have an inflatable sleeping pad which is a necessity to go camping because trust me, sleeping on the cold, wet, lumpy ground isn’t fun. I had an air-mattress before, but Trekology’s sleeping pad is the best one out there.

Going back to my post on the camping lantern by Trekology, it was perfect because I didn’t have to deal with the issue of long cables for electricity or even batteries. It’s rechargeable, but via a USB port, which is perfect and simple. Trekology continues with simplicity and that is evident with the sleeping pad which is as easy to set up as the camping lantern.

Remember, if you didn’t charge your air pump or the charge is weak, or you can’t find batteries, what’s next? Fill up an air-mattress by blowing into the air tube? Let me know how long before you pass out.

Trekology’s sleeping pad comes with an air pump, but it’s not what you think. Guess what it uses to pump air into your mattress so you can have a good night’s rest? Air! Before you roll your eyes, let me explain.

Remember when you were a kid and you filled up a brown paper bag with air, twisted the end, then popped it? That’s what you have now. The idea is so simple, so effective, which makes it so genius.

Simply snap the end of the air bag to the mattress. Close it at the end like a brown paper bag, and squeeze. That’s it. It cannot be easier and simpler. And trust me, 25-30 pumps and your pad is good to go, without the dizziness and five minutes later you are ready to lie on it and relax after a long day.

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Snap one end of the air pump bag into the sleeping pad. No pinching of an air-tube with your thumb and index finger like most air-mattresses.


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Air fills into bag, wrap the ends, and squeeze. Just as easy as a capturing air with a brown paper bag.

And if you are wondering if the pad is comfortable, stop wondering. It is! Extremely comfortable, more so than the large air mattress I used previously.

Look at the picture below. I weigh about 170 lbs. and Bella weighs about 30 lbs., and she has her two front paws on the mattress, and their is no indentation in the pad.

camping gear, best camping gear, motorcycle product review, mcatty
It’s not easy testing products with Bella around since she loves camping.

The best part, as you can see in the cover photo, it’s compact. It fits in your backpack with plenty of room to spare.

Happy camping.

MC Atty

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