Watch Out!

iron mountain road south dakota, needles highway
Have to be careful in areas like this in Custer State Park SD


I already posted a blog on this issue as well as the video. When riding, you need to be aware of where you are riding because that way you can predict some of the hazards you will come across.

A few weeks ago I blogged that in a section of west Miami, there is an area known for its farmlands and businesses that focus on transportation. Because of that, it was common to see more trucks in bumper-to-bumper traffic than passenger vehicles. While riding, I came across a lot of gravel and sand that had been dumped on the road and would have presented danger to a rider, no matter how highly skilled.

In this video, I was riding through Iron Mountain Road in Custer National Park. As I took the turn, there was a small herd of sheep on the side of the road. If the sheep were on the road and I take that turn fast enough, the results could have been deadly.

Be careful around those blind turns and remember where you are riding.

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