Wall Drug, South Dakota

Wall Drug SD, badlands national park
Riding through the strip at Wall Drug South Dakota

Wall Drug is interesting considering its history. During the Great Depression, Ted Hustead opened up his drug store in Wall, South Dakota. Times were tough, especially considering he opened his drug store in the middle of nowhere. Struggling with business, Mount Rushmore opened soon thereafter and made things worse since tourists continued driving past Wall Drug on their way to visit Yellowstone National Park and Custer State Park. However, behind every great man, stands an even greater woman.

Trying to take a nap, the noise from the nearby traffic kept his wife awake. Which, as luck would have it, was the best thing that could have happened to her. She came up with the idea of advertising to the tourists “free ice water.”

Today, Wall Drug grosses over one hundred million dollars a year, so the idea worked to say the least. And, free ice water is still given including five cent cups of coffee.

I admit, it is a tourist trap, but, the fact is Wall Drug is known worldwide and it should be on your list of places to stop for a while whether for a drink or lunch. It will be packed during the week of the rally, but from there, ride on to the Badlands to complete your day.

Also, you are guaranteed to find the cheapest Sturgis merchandise at Wall Drug. Since Wall Drug is just off the “inner loop” from the Badlands, you won’t lose any valuable time either riding all the way out just to buy a few T-Shirts.

So whether on your motorcycle or car, make sure to ride the “inner loop” and visit Wall Drug Store.

MC Atty

Here is a short video riding into Wall Drug

wall drug sd
Wall Drug South Dakota
Sturgis 2017, Wall Drug SD
Wall Drug South Dakota during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally


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