Waco is Crumbling Before Your Eyes

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Waco’s House of Cards

Updates on Waco Twin Peaks Shooting

Attorney Clint Broden, who represents George Bergman, has withdrawn his motion that sought to have District Attorney Abel Reyna to take the stand as a witness. In addition, Bergman told the Associated Press that he rejected a plea deal of one year probation in exchange for pleading guilty to organized criminal activity and aggravated assault. In return, pending murder charges would have been dropped. If this isn’t the biggest bomb dropped so far and revelation in the ongoing Waco Saga, then I don’t know what is.


Attorney Broden cited the withdraw of his motion is based on his client’s wishes to avoid further delays of his trial date. Of course, Reyna and his office have been fighting tooth and nail against him testifying and as I have asked before rhetorically, when do you normally see defendants in a rush to go to trial? Never!

Now, what’s even more interesting is the plea offer to Bergman. Under most circumstances, I would venture to say nine out of times a defendant facing life imprisonment would accept that plea, but this is Waco where down is up and up is down, a.k.a. The Waco Zone.

Granted, a guilty plea could affect Bergman’s current and future employment status, as well as kissing goodbye to any civil lawsuit, but this is a lot more telling than that and you have to read between the lines of cocaine (for those that have been following along, know exactly what I mean by that).

The fact is, rejecting that offer must have infuriated the D.A.’s Office because that makes it more than clear that the bikers are not backing down. Did they actually think the bikers would? Furthermore, they are now second guessing every move they make. What offer would they have to make to have any illegally arrested biker take a plea?

If all the pleas are rejected, the D.A. has to try all 156-157 cases, and based on their budget and expenses already exceeding $ 1 million, like I’ve said many times before, this will bankrupt the humble town of Waco- unless of course, Reyna loses reelection and an honest, ethical D.A. not one being accused of drug use and political corruption by former employees under oath, and not under a federal investigation takes over. This doesn’t include the expense of also having to defend against the civil lawsuits.


From what I have seen, all the defense attorney’s involved with Waco are experienced and more than capable of handling these cases. We saw that already with Casie Gotro who got a mistrial in Christopher Jacob Carrizal’s case. Who I don’t think is experienced is Abel Reyna nor his minions disguised as assistant district attorneys.

For one, Reyna had zero prosecutorial experience before getting elected into office and while he was partners with Judge Johnson in a criminal defense firm, it is not believed for one second that Reyna was handling trials in that office. He was more likely riding on the coattails of his family’s name. No one can forget his rags to riches Horatio Alger’s story during the closing argument of Carrizal’s trial of him running through the courthouse as a kid while his father worked there as a janitor, attorney, whatever. I tend to block out what he says. Only Reyna could have the ability to make the closing argument about him and not the Bandidos. Meanwhile, he’s flashing what I assume to be a real gold watch. Great way to alienate the jury- wearing a gold watch on a public official’s salary that costs more than what the average blue-collar juror makes in a year if, not two. The flash and cash mentality works well in New York City, Miami, and L.A., but not Waco- of that I am sure of. Then again, lack of experience may have something to do with that.


Carrizal’s mistrial set the tone and there is no doubt in my mind that the momentum has shifted in favor of the defendants. Carrizal was that one card that has already been removed from the house of cards that is the Waco biker shooting at Twin Peaks. One more mistrial or “not guilty” plea, and the entire house of cards will crumble.


Bergman’s trial is scheduled for January 22. Of course, there still remains outstanding discovery. Where have we heard that before? But this time, it seems Judge Johnson put his foot down while Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett blamed other departments and agencies.

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