Waco Biker Shootout-Twin Peaks (A Year Revisited)

waco biker shootout
Scene At Twin Peaks Restaurant Waco, Texas


It has been 365 days since the now infamous, disgraceful, and injustice of what is the Waco Biker Shootout at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. A lot has changed since then, well… for everyone except those involved.


This is what we have learned since that unfortunate, memorable date: NOTHING! The investigation remains “ongoing,” which is another way of saying the Waco Police Department is not going to release any information. It is also their way of hoping that magically, this will all go away, but, fortunately, there is some media attention with this case, (not enough in my opinion) which will likely increase ten fold if this goes to trial. With media attention comes scrutiny, exactly what is needed.

The “Trial of the Century” with O.J. Simpson was just that. Never before had we seen so much media attention focused on one case. A famous celebrity was charged for the murder of two people, one of them his ex-wife. Every single step of that trial was in the media; from the highway chase, arrest, trial, to acquittal. This case on the other hand, is clouded with more secrecy than POTUS meeting with top advisers. Actually, we have more access to the files on who killed President Kennedy than in this case.

It can never be a good thing when we, especially in a country like the United States which believes in freedom of the press and the First Amendment, that we continue to be left in the dark as to what is going on, but then again, that is exactly what the justice system in Waco wants, especially with the gag order.

What most likely is happening is what defense attorney, Paul Looney claims, and that is that the prosecutor’s office is just waiting for the feds to take over or at least that is what they are praying for since by now, I am sure they have figured out they bit off more than they can chew.

Realistically, which means logistically and financially, the prosecutor’s office cannot handle a trial of this size nor can the court system in Waco. If the feds take over, then I expect the trial to be fair unlike if it was held in Waco since the judges in federal court will not have to deal with the political pressure that continues to exist in the small town of Waco. But, the other issue is that the feds have unlimited resources and the media may┬álose interest in this case since there will be no cameras in federal court.

Regardless of what happens, everyone seeks the same thing; the truth.

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