Waco Biker Shooting and What Remains Pending

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Updates on the Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting

All is quiet for now in Waco. To my knowledge, there are no cases scheduled for trial in December and that is normal since things slow down drastically in the courts during this time of year. If I’m wrong about a pending trial, please feel free to contact me so I can update this blog post.

Just yesterday as an example, my office scheduled an uncontested divorce and the hearing won’t take place until mid-January. Mind you, this is a hearing that takes between one to two minutes. However, that is the good news, especially after the mistrial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal. That means Carrizal will spend the holidays with his friends, family, and club members as he should be and has rightfully earned, especially after having to deal with this fiasco and joke of the criminal justice system that is in Waco, Texas.


For now, it is likely a few housekeeping motions will be heard and ruled upon until January rolls around. Attorney Clint Broden does have a motion pending regarding disqualifying District Attorney Abel Reyna from handling the case of another of his clients, Burton George Bergman who is a former member of the Desgraciados MC.

Broden is arguing that Reyna has a “financial interest” in the outcome in this case since Reyna made comments in the past that the Twin Peaks cases will give him the opportunity to hold higher political office and because of that, he has a motive to prosecute all the bikers. I had blogged a while back that my guess as to why these cases were being handled as they were was because Reyna saw an opportunity to make a name for himself.

In addition, I have also written that it doesn’t make sense to arrest 170 plus people at once unless you know for a fact they all committed crimes and forget legal training, common sense dictates that is highly unlikely. I have argued that normally those definitely involved or having committed crimes get arrested, and the others- police try to get a statement from, get their personal information, watch the surveillance videos and from there determine who gets picked up and arrested and who doesn’t.

From the beginning, I blamed the Waco Police Department and Sgt. Swanton for the mass arrests and I still do. It doesn’t matter if Reyna is there yelling at the top of his lungs that everyone goes to jail that day because that crime scene belonged to Swanton and he had to make that decision, not Reyna. Reyna could advise as that it is common, but he took over the crime scene. Then people wonder why everyone is yelling conspiracy!

Think logically: everyone and their mother gets arrested when normally that isn’t the case, and a Justice of Peace hands out $1 million dollar bonds! I’ve already bashed the Justice of the Peace enough and been bashed myself when I said they are fake judges, so I’ll skip that today, but I even wrote a blog on how someone in Waco allegedly killed his wife and received a bond of $100,000.

Broden also focused on the fact that with civil rights lawsuits pending, Reyna also has a financial interest to prosecute all the bikers and obtain convictions since a conviction is the only way for Reyna to get rid of the lawsuits. That’s another issue I’ve blogged about previously and because of that, I don’t expect these cases to get dismissed.┬áBut if Carrizal’s trial is an indication of what’s to come, and I believe it is, then 2018 is looking bright!

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