Waco Biker Massacre- Corruption!

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Today marks four months since the Waco Biker Massacre, and we are no closer to finding out the truth!

From day one, when I saw the events unfold on television, I knew something didn’t add up with the mass arrests. As time ticked by, my reaction was always the same; “are you kidding me?”


The $1 million dollar bond issued by the wannabe judge was absurd. The arrest affidavits were “cookie cutter” complaints with the same set of facts for everyone arrested. Autopsy reports are still being withheld. Public records have not been released. The case has not been before a grand jury and the state continues to argue for the gag order, preventing the public from learning the true facts.

The long list of lies, deceptions, and corruption would make you believe you are reading a crime novel that took place in a third world country decades ago, but it’s not a third world country, it is in our own backyard!


Something happened in Waco that day, we just don’t know what. But, we do know that the bikers were put behind the 8 ball from day one. The question that remains is why? What is the bigger picture in all this? The ridiculously high bond set the tone for this case, and this is why I am even more outraged because of a recent arrest for murder in Waco.

The suspect, Michael Penix, called police and told them he shot his wife. Police arrived at the scene and found his wife dead. Penix was arrested for murder and issued bond! Yes, you read that correctly. He was issued bond on a murder charge! Why? But more important than that, guess how much was the bond- $100,000!


That is the farce of the legal system in Waco. It is obvious that after Waco I, local law enforcement is weary of federal intervention, but realistically, someone has to step in, beginning with the Attorney General’s Office. But since the AG after four months hasn’t even replied to a simple public records request, then we need to go up the chain of command, which means the feds.

But how likely are the feds to get involved in this? The feds believe motorcycle clubs are criminal enterprises and they are involved in a legal brawl with the Mongols MC to have their patches removed. So who is left? Just us! That’s it! Concerned citizens!

We need to continue to keep this matter in the public eye and as I have written before, only because of concerned citizens and the media, ultimately leading to investigative reporting will this be figured out someday.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead.

Keep up the good fight,

MC Atty

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4 thoughts on “Waco Biker Massacre- Corruption!

  • September 25, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    Well said and thank you for providing us with more facts.

  • September 21, 2015 at 5:22 pm


    Emily Schmall wrote the most recent AP article, and all she has done from day one is vomit up the LEO’s version of what happened.

    The anecdote about everyone raising their hands is just too cute and just that. A lie

    Everyone please remember that this was a Political Action Meeting. A political group that the DPS and ATF wanted disbanded.

    If the AP wanted to, they could actually run a line by line of what we all know happened with the various testimonies.

    Chief among them, that the LEO’s could have prevented what they testify that knew was coming. All they had to do is want to prevent it. They had the power, and those powers they use on a weekly basis.

    Then the AP could do a critique on what has been posited as “probable.” The probable is that the LEO’s involved fomented a riot between to clubs for political purposes. After all, they could have prevented it if they had WANTED TO PREVENT IT.

    If everything that the LEO’s say is true, then they are responsible for not preventing the violence.

    If everything that they LEO’s say is true, then show us all every one of the videos that the LEO’s have been sitting on for four months. That includes the special surveillance cameras the ATF mounted on poles the day before the violence.

    The LEO’s (Law Enforcement Organizations) were gathered at the scene well before the violence erupted.

    Several days before the ATF erected “Pole Cameras” near the front door and the patio area of the restaurant.

    The AP hasn’t been shown those videos.

    In fact no one has seen any video courtesy of the LEO’s. The video that the AP saw was courtesy of the Twin Peaks franchisee.

    The largest Law Enforcement Union in Texas was on hand hours before the violence with supplies sufficient to last the officers during a protracted siege.

    The Justice of the Peace that wrote those arrest warrants was on hand hours before the violence. He was encamped with the LEO’s. No word on when those arrest warrants were prepared.

    According one eye witness; a member of the Cossacks MC in Waco; the Waco PD contacted members of his club and asked that they attend the meeting. According that witness, the Cossacks had not planned to attend prior to that.

    The only good; but not great; publication for what happened and most importantly WHY it happened, is a short story on Amazon. “The Waco Texas Biker Massacre” gives a story that could well be true and one that every biker and nearly every citizen of Texas knows could be true.

    It is my belief, based upon decades of experience, that no one at the Twin Peaks was there with the advance intention of killing anyone else. I believe that the LEO’s were there to foment a riot and then use that riot as a pretext to arrest everyone present under the draconian state laws for organized crime. Then something went wrong and the scene devolved into a living hell for everyone there.

  • September 18, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    I’m sorry about your son, Cynthia. My condolences.

  • September 17, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    Michael Penix was re-arrested and bond was raised to $600,000.
    My 19 y/o son, Joshua, was found dead in Amsler Park, McGregor, on Feb 16, 2006. McGregor PD didn’t investigate.

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