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Whether you ride a motorcycle now or use to, or even if you have no desire to ride one, the fact is, you cannot help but look at a vintage Harley Davidson and dream of riding it.

Now, I’m not into custom work for my own motorcycles. With the exception of some minor upgrades, I like my motorcycles and cars looking as basic/stock as possible. Part of that is because I just like to ride. There is a good chance you will not see me at your local bike night. For me, it’s too much trouble to put on my motorcycle gear to ride five miles. I’d rather stay home.

A few years ago, I was sponsoring a bike night at Buffalo Wild Wings that was supposed to scheduled for once a month. It soon became a weekly ordeal that I dreaded. BBW was four miles from my house. You should see the convoluted routes I rode to stretch out my ride and make it at least thirty miles worth of riding.

However, I have always dreamed of riding and owning a classic Harley Davidson motorcycle or even a vintage Indian motorcycle. Of course, I wouldn’t use it for long rides, but maybe the local bike night which now would be fun to attend, or just quick rides around town for the hell of it. The problem? I know how to break everything I try to fix.

So the idea me owning a classic motorcycle means I’m ready to burn a lot of cash to get someone to fix it up and maintain it for me, or, I keep riding stock. Well, the problem has become a lot easier to fix, as well as the motorcycle, and a lot cheaper.

A motorcycle parts manufacturer in Germany makes replica panheads, knuckleheads, and flatheads.

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Cylinder heads for Knucklehead

W & W Cycles makes replica parts from engine cases to oil pumps and everything else in-between. Someone like me still needs someone to build the motorcycle, but compared to the costs of maintaining an old motorcycle, this seems like the perfect choice for many of us.

For more information on available parts, visit their website at wwag.comFor prior motorcycle blogs on Harley Davidson Motorcycles, follow this link.

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