Viking Cycle- Motorcycle Backpack Review

Viking Cycles Motorcycle Backpack Review

4- Stars!

So, during the holidays, I had the opportunity to try out a backpack from Viking Cycles. I was looking forward to it since I always enjoy when a product has more than one use, and that’s exactly what you get with Viking’s backpack.

First and foremost, as I noticed in a prior review with their safety vest, it’s a high quality product. This backpack is not going to fall apart anytime soon. The stitching will stay in place long after you bought it and you turned in your motorcycle for another one.

What I liked the most is the backpack holds perfectly what I need for work which is mostly my laptop, the charger, and a leather binder. But, sneaking in my work shoes still leaves plenty of space.

Because the back of the bag is hard, the divider will keep your laptop and other belongings protected.

In addition, with interior pockets, I filled it up with miscellaneous items such as pens, but if you have a weekend trip in mind, your toiletries will go in there instead.

The exterior front pocket has more than enough space to hold my cell phone and charger, and that’s exactly what I put in there.

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Reach in for your cell phone, car keys, and don’t forget your phone charger.

Now remember, this is a backpack, so the obvious question is how does this fit on a bike. That’s the thing: it serves the dual purpose of not only being carried around like a normal backpack, but it’s designed to be strapped to your motorcycle as well.

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There are mesh pockets on both sides. I slid my water bottle in there for our Savannah lunch date.

For one, as you can see in the video and pics below, it has straps and buckles like any other bag you would put on the luggage rack or strapped to a sissy bar. And just like a typical bag that rests on a luggage rack or passenger seat, it has a large Velcro strap that keeps your bag secured.

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With the sturdy strap, your Viking bag is secured, but slides out when you are ready to go.

When you are done, simply lift it out and you are good to go, ready to go into the office, meeting, or wherever your travels take you to. Of course, I’m using the bag for when I ride to work, but there’s plenty of space to fill it up for a quick getaway.

For me personally, the Viking backpack is ideal for motorcycle rallies. At rallies, if I am on the Honda VTX 1800 which has soft saddlebags, my belongings aren’t protected. So everything stays back at the hotel. With the Harley Streetglide as pictured below, I have hard saddlebags, providing more security, but that won’t stop me from taking my backpack with me to the next rally.

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With the Velcro strap and the clips, you have no worries. Just shut up and ride.

On my first trip to Sturgis, I was riding in from Nebraska, and everywhere I stopped, including Sturgis, I was afraid that someone would pick my motorcycle, open up my travel bag and take off with my laptop. That’s where the backpack comes in.

Fling it on to your shoulder and take it with you. The possibilities are endless. Since my friend and I attended Sturgis with lots of camera gear, this would have been the perfect bag to carry everything around in, and then some.

But, like I said in the beginning of the post, I like dual purpose items, and my first trial run with the Viking Cycles backpack was non-motorcycle related.

During the holidays, my wife and I went to Savannah, Georgia for lunch. We took the dogs, so no motorcycle this time around, but, I took my Viking Bag with me. What was in the bag?

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The buckles will keep your back safely secured to your bike.

A large Ziplock bag of dog food, two bowls, a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, and a jacket in case the temperature cooled. See what I mean about dual-purpose?

savannah georgia, motorcycle travel, motorcycle gear, motorcycle luggage, viking cycles
Somewhere on the riverfront in Savannah, Georgia after lunch.

The best part, whether you are all leathered out on a black Harley, going to work or walking around campus, or Savannah for lunch– the bag looks great!

And trust me, tomorrow I’m going hiking with the dogs and my backpack is coming with me again! I’ll update this post with pictures of my hike.

To get your Viking backpack, click here.

But, look around their site. They have traditional looking luggage bags as well and with the chilly weather, don’t forget to get yourself a nice leather jacket while you are it.

Be safe and enjoy. Let me know what you think of your bag when you get it.

MC Atty

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