Video on Lane Positioning

us 27 in florida, cafe 27 miami
Riding north on US-27


Below is a quick video on lane positioning, something that is mostly overlooked by riders. There are some quick thoughts to keep in mind:

  • Don’t tailgate! You shouldn’t do that in a car and even less so on a motorcycle.
  • Don’t ride the middle of the lane, ride the sides. There are oil slicks in the middle.
  • Pick a side when reaching a traffic light so if the car behind you isn’t stopping, you can escape through the sides and not get sandwiched in.
  • Keep it in gear at the light. I wait till 2 or 3 cars behind me are stopped and then I release the clutch, but motormen keep it in gear all the time, something I am working on.
  • Slow down way before you reach the light b/c it puts the car behind you on notice. If you are the type to hit the brakes hard, the car behind you, if they aren’t paying attention, may think they have the green light.

Ride smart and safe.

MC Atty



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