Twin Peaks Waco Conspiracy Theorist Arrested

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Robert Mikell Ussery, conspiracy theorist arrested.

I had to post this because of my personal dealings with this guy.

Robert Mikell Ussery is a conspiracy theorist that was always going on my YouTube Channel where I posted a video of my visit to the Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco. He believes that the event never took place, an incredibly stupid thing to believe. He also believes another mass shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs never occurred.

Both Ussery and his girlfriend, Jodi Mann, a.k.a. “Conspiracy Granny,” were arrested on charges of resisting arrest, trespassing and other counts in March of this year. Apparently, they walked into the church and accused Pastor Frank Pomeroy of “perpetrating a government hoax” and that the massacre never occurred. Pastor Pomeroy’s daughter was killed in the shooting.

Ussery was arrested again last week for being in possession of a firearm because they were smart enough to record themselves and post on social media how to hide a gun under a car mat. Ussery is a convicted of felon due to a prior conviction 1984.



Ussery likes to argue and post on social media, and my social media pages that he would pay me $10,000 to prove the event in Twin Peaks never took place. I always asked how can I prove something didn’t exist? That makes no sense. What he meant to say was he would pay me $10,000 if I could prove it did take place and my response was simple enough- the media reports, arrests, etc… Where is my ten grand? Of course, I’m still waiting for my check in the mail.



Unfortunately, even the daughter of one of the bikers shot at Twin Peaks commented. People need to understand such actions have consequences. Maybe, he’ll learn it this time around, although I doubt it.

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