Trucks on the Highway

road debris, motorcycle accidents

The only thing worse than a truck on the highway, is that idiot that cuts you off for no reason at all, and all the sand and pebbles on the road fly up and hit your bike and your face. Click here for that video.

I avoid trucks at all costs, especially pickup trucks where who knows what it is in the bed of the truck.

Years ago while still in law school, a buddy and I were driving down to Key West. On what is known as the 18 mile stretch, the bed liner of a pickup truck got loose and flew out of the truck and over my car. Luckily, it didn’t hit anyone, but a few months ago, I saw a video where a bed liner flew out of a truck and took out a motorcyclist.

When you can, simply past the truck, or let it get away ahead of you. Any search on YouTube and you will come across endless videos of objects falling out of trucks and hitting riders. What is beyond my understanding is why someone, even in a car, stays behind a truck for an extended period of time.

Be careful.

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