Trip of a Life-Time?

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Somewhere. Just the way I like it.

Before I took off for twenty-five days to ride cross country, I always figured I would miss being home. I rarely take time off during the week. Before day one, I even started to prepare myself mentally for such a trip, knowing it would be difficult both physically and psychologically. I kept wondering to myself in which state I would wish that the trip was ending and I was on the way home. That day never came.

While on the road, Anny couldn’t sleep well at the hotels. She much preferred the sounds of nature. At home, she keeps telling me she was sleeping better in the tent and misses it. It is relaxing to fall asleep in a forest of thousands of crickets and frogs chirping and croaking simultaneously.

In New Mexico and the Badlands, we were awaken by the sounds of coyotes. When I heard the howls, I smiled, thought to myself “how cool,” and went back to sleep. And while we have a fire pit at home, it really isn’t the same thing.

At night, I enjoyed long walks with Bella in total darkness and solitude. Living in the city, that isn’t possible. That’s why I usually walk her late at night in the park. I keep telling everyone “it was a trip of a life-time,” but I am beginning to realize I am lying to myself. It seems it will be one of many “trips in a life-time.”

I have only been home for a week and going through all the pictures and videos just floods my mind with thousands of memories. We have already discussed taking two weeks off in the summer. The only question is where are we going? We keep thinking New Mexico again, maybe Yosemite or Yellowstone which I have always wanted to visit. Wherever we go, when I return, I’m sure I will miss it.

Travel more. You won’t regret it.

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