Trekology Yizi GO Camping Chair Review

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High back camping chair by Trekology.


Trekology Yizi GO Camping Chair Review

With a motorcycle camping trip being planned, I had to start researching for gear. As any motorcycle rider will tell you, space is at a premium.

Now, I’ve done plenty of camping trips including cross-country a few times, but the first time I did it with the motorcycle, my wife was following me in our truck because there was no way we were leaving Bella behind, our dog. And while I rode every single mile, almost 7,000 miles overall, I didn’t have to worry about carrying anything.

Other cross country trips we have done, especially our favorite in Moab, Utah we took a teardrop camper with us and again, my truck, so there was plenty of space. But, a solo ride motorcycle trip for a few weeks? Yeah, this presents a problem.

My first and foremost concern was seating. I was not going to spend an entire day on the road to arrive at a campsite and sit at a picnic table. That would destroy my back. I needed a chair for camping, and while we have plenty of chairs, none that would work on a motorcycle. So, in doing my research, I kept coming across products from Trekology.

The first thing I focused on was the size/dimensions. I wanted to be able to sit inside the tent and comfortably rest my laptop on my lap.

As I kept researching, I realized the Yizi GO Camping Chair from Trekology seemed to be a perfect fit, as did other products, so I ordered them all at once to give it a shot. Now, I did order multiple products, but will review each one separately, starting with the Yizi camping chair.


I got a call from my office saying a package had arrived. I already knew what it was and as promised, I received it on a Friday.

camping gear, travel gear, camping trip, motorcycle gear
My camping goodies from Trekology.

The box was small, but everything was packaged perfectly. But, it was obvious to me there was stuff missing. I was wrong. Remember when I said space was at a premium? Guess what, I have plenty of space now.

My motorcycle trip this time is being done on my Harley Davidson Street Glide. The bags on my Harley are 22 inches by 7 inches, plus 10 1/2 inches deep.

harley davidson gear, motorcycle riding gear
Left side saddlebag of my Harley Davidson Streeglide.

Now, as you can see, I already had some items in my saddlebags, but, I thought I could get everything to fit. I flipped over the box and dropped everything inside just to confirm.

harley davidson gear, motorcycle gear harley davidson
All my camping items fit perfect inside my saddlebags.

Now, what’s in there?

I guess I don’t have to stress about space anymore.

The Yizi GO Chair like everything else, comes in a small bag. Now, my experience has always been that it is impossible to put something back in a bag as it was originally packaged. And to be clear, my patience level with this type of stuff is very low.

I have dealt with this before with tents and camping gazebos and no matter what, it looks nothing like the way I first got it, but, that is not the case with the Yizi camping chair.

camping trip gear, motorcycle riding gear, motorcycle parts
Yizi chair along with self storage bag

Now, when you see the chair bundled up like that, my first thought was great, just like dealing with the rods for camping tents. But in all reality, once you untie it and just connect one tube, the rest almost all fall into place on their own. It shouldn’t take you more than 15-30 seconds to get this done.

camping gear motorcycles, motorcycle travel, mcatty

Next, you slide the ends into the pocket and your done. Mind you, I did not read the instructions for any of the Trekology products. I rarely do. I give you at most 2 minutes for this part.

camping chair, motorcycle seats, mustang seats
We are good to go!

When I was done, I noticed I had a side pocket for a water bottle or nice cold beer, so I slid my water bottle in there. Sure makes things easier.

vacation with dogs, camping with pets, camping gear for pets
That’s Bella. She was with me every step of the way. Actually, she was excited, thinking we were leaving on a camping trip.


camping parks near me, state parks near me, camping at national parks
Man’s best friend, no doubt.


chairs for camping, camping tens motorcycles
This piece right here is sold separately, but very important.

Above, you will see the Yizi Sand cover. Trust me, you need it. Start off with Florida. Some of the best camping sites in Florida are only accessible by boat, spending the night on an island by yourself. What do you think happens when the legs of a chair sink into the sand? The sand cover takes care of that problem.

yizi trekology chair, camping gear trekology
Yizi Sand cover

Okay, I admit it. I screwed this part up. I told you I don’t read instructions. But, the problem could be corrected in thirty seconds so it’s no big deal. And, as you can see in the cover picture above, you can use the bottom rod of your chair to strap the cover.

You know for a fact when you go camping, chaos rules supreme. You’ll spend more time looking for something than actually using it, but not with the Yizi chair.

While I’m into motorcycle riding, fact is, based on the size and comfort of this chair, it’s perfect for rv’s and boating, or any other outdoor activity you can think of. And for the price, I challenge you to find a better made product.

Be safe out there and more importantly, be comfortable.

MC Atty

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