Today is Ride Like an A##hole Day

MLK ride out
Chaos in the streets of Miami

Once again, dirt bike riders and ATV riders in Miami (sprinkle in some sport bikes), basically, not real bikers since that is what the media will call them, take to the streets today to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.; one of the most influential figures in American history.

They ride by popping wheelies, disrupting traffic, riding on sidewalks, lawns, parking lots, even the highway. Yesterday, a group of them rode on the highway and one of them lost control of his ATV died. Coming back from vacation, I did see the electric signs/billboards indicating that riding off-road vehicles on the highway is against the law. This year, law enforcement and city officials have made it clear that there will be a zero tolerance policy.

It is a sad, disrespectful, and offensive to honor the great Dr. King in this matter. Then again, this isn’t about Dr. King is it? This is about creating chaos and those involved care about nothing but themselves. They surely have no respect or knowledge of what Dr. King stood for. They certainly know nothing about African-American history and Civil Rights history.

They don’t care about their city and the negative light this shines on Miami. They certainly don’t care about their own friends and family since they risk arrest, injuries, and even death with this ride. This ride is shameful, disgusting, and I hope the law enforcement community puts a stop to this ride.

MC Atty

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