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Glory Days- Bruce Springstein


If you ride a motorcycle, then you know it is common for bikers to help out one another even if they are strangers. Endless amount of times I have been on the side of a back road in the middle of nowhere rummaging through my saddlebags looking for a cigar when biker(s) stop by and ask if I need help.

Now, imagine you are a registered democrat and while riding your motorcycle you see Ted Nugent stranded. Would you stop? What if you are a registered republican and you see Bruce Springsteen on the side of the road. Would you stop? Let me give you an oversimplified answer- HELL YES!!! & HELL YES!!!


Well, apparently a great group of guys who happened to see a biker stranded on the side of the road did just that. They are members of Freehold American Legion Riders Monmouth Post 54, and they were coming back from a Veteran’s Day Ceremony when they stopped to help the stranded biker. Turns out, it wasn’t just any biker, it was “The Boss.”

Bruce Springsteen being the cool guy that he is, got a ride to a restaurant, bought a round of drinks for the star-struck bikers, and got their information promising them free tickets if he comes to town. Now, “The Boss” loves Hillary Clinton, we all know that and these great group of guys love America, support our troops and I’m sure they are military vets; so what is the problem again?

Well, let me put it this way- if I help out “The Boss” or Ted Nugent who got stranded, we have beers together, talk motorcycles, rides, etc… you bet your ass I’m posting that on social media. Who wouldn’t? The problem- they did post it on Facebook and then came the insults from the internet political trolls.


What would possess someone to destroy, insult, and politicize what I think is a super cool story! Hey, I”m not Springsteen’s biggest fan, I only like “Glory Days” and while I don’t know the guys personally- I think it’s clear that “The Boss” is a fan of the good old U.S.A (just look at his songs) and as for the riders of Freehold American Legion, you guys rock too!

Maybe one day I will have the luck and honor to ride with those stand-up guys.

Maybe my accountant says it best quoting from the movie “Stripes” with Bill Murray- “lighten up Francis.”

MC Atty

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