This F****** Sucks!

ignition lock harley davidson motorcycle
Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Updated 7/14/17

Because of the Turkey Ride and all the time and effort put into it, I realized I had been tired all week which is something not common for me. Not being invincible, it caught up with me. Of course, that meant when Sunday rolled around, it was time to ride. Magically, my energy level picked up; for a while at least.

We took a familiar route for motorcycle riders here in south Florida, and that is Krome Avenue to US-27 to visit Cafe 27 which part truck stop and part biker bar. With a nice ride with some friends and guaranteed good food and classic rock-n-roll, I was ready to relax and enjoy myself.

All was good, until I decided to move my motorcycle and the ignition lock on my Harley Davidson Street Glide wouldn’t budge. We all gave it a shot, and eventually, the ignition lock- unlocked. Only problem, the motorcycle wouldn’t turn on. There goes the day ;(

Four hours later my motorcycle got picked up by Space Coast Harley Davidson and I was able to UBER my butt home. By the way, first time I used UBER, not bad.  Only question now is what is wrong with the ignition lock?

Supposedly, it is a rare occurrence, maybe a simple adjustment is required, but time will tell. Nothing like having the rug pulled out from beneath you when the motorcycle breaks down. It hasn’t happened to me in years, but, it does happen to all of us sooner or later. This time I was lucky, I had plenty of friends with me

One more thing, I recommend having AAA and including motorcycle towing. I only used it once before, but it was a life saver since I was more than one hundred miles out from home.

Stay tuned…

MC Atty

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