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The Valachi Papers
Joe Valachi

All we hear with Nashville Bike Week is crickets and the sound of the delete button being pushed on a keyboard to remove any comment that is negative on the page. Quite silly if you think about it since the event is not going forward, yet the page remains open. Why? Even more surprising is that Facebook hasn’t shut down the page but did the Scam Page at some point.

No further steps have been taken with the event and Janelle Roberts the voice, face of Nashville Bike Week sometimes independent “agent” has disappeared. Where has she disappeared to? No one seems to know but my question is where does she think she can hide? Just because you close your Facebook account doesn’t mean you are “off the grid” and cannot be found.


Joseph Valachi was known as the first mafia member that publicly stated the term “la cosa nostra” which means “our thing.”

Valachi was imprisoned for heroin trafficking and believed the crime family he was employed for at one time, was going to kill him. This resulted in Valachi killing someone in prison he thought was the “hit man” that was out to get him, only to find out later thanks to the FBI, that he wasn’t.

As a result, Valachi started talking and provided crucial information to the federal government, giving the government for the first time an inside look at the mafia. Ultimately, this led to a book written by Peter Maas titled “The Valachi Papers” as well as a movie.


While there were no “papers” with Valachi, there are plenty of papers with Nashville Bike Week. Rumor is all the receipts were sitting in the trunk of Janelle’s car. As we all know, Mike Leffingwell is sitting in jail. The Nashville Bike Week Scam Page is to be thanked for hitting the six figure mark with refunds, but there is still a lot unaccounted for.

The Dirty Dozen and law enforcement believes there was more than one million dollars in tickets sold. We know that approximately 4,700 tickets were sold. Being conservative, multiple that times an average ticket price of $250, and that amounts to $1,175,000.00. But we know by the refunds, that people were paying much more than that. One person even spent $17,000.00!

If $100,000 in refunds has been obtained and we stick to $1 million for easy math, where is the remaining $900,000? Not to mention that the refunds that are obtained come out of a bank account that I know is overdrawn, so it didn’t come out of Mike’s pocket directly.

Sure, toys were purchased, deposits were given (deposits were minimal), and living in motels and eating out every night isn’t cheap, but $900,000 worth? Even if there remains twenty-thousand or a hundred thousand dollars, where is that money? Maybe, just maybe the “papers” reveals that, not to mention it may result in additional funds being recovered and it will provide more than enough evidence to proceed with federal charges.

We can only hope.

MC Atty

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