On the First Day of Christmas-Biker Gift Guide

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Gremlin Bells are always a good gift idea.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

With another Christmas around the corner, it occurred to me I should make a list of what gifts can be given to bikers. By no stretch of the imagination will these ideas be exhaustive, which is better for me since I can expand on this every year.

These gift ideas are simple, easy to get, even online, and for the most part, inexpensive. So, let’s get to the first idea.


Gremlin Bells-

This is not my first blog on Gremlin Bells and it will most likely not be my last. I’m not sure how the tradition began, but every biker I know participates in this tradition. Even better, when it comes to being superstitious, many bikers may not be, but they do when it comes to motorcycle riding and gremlin bells.

Whether your significant other just bought a motorcycle or has been riding for decades, put a gremlin bell on his or her’s motorcycle. Only a person that loves or is close to him or her can put on the gremlin bell.


The legend behind gremlin bells is that gremlins, these little mythical creatures that create havoc, like to jump on our motorcycles and do bad. However, with the ringing of the bell, the noise drives the gremlin crazy and they fall off the motorcycle, thus, the potholes we see.

I’ve always had gremlin bells on my motorcycle and always will. You can buy one at any motorcycle dealer or even online. They are relatively inexpensive, usually less than ten dollars.

And make sure you, the one buying the gremlin bell ties it to the motorcycle, no one else. It should be tied near the bottom or underneath the motorcycle.


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