The Tree of Shame- Deal’s Gap North Carolina

The Tree of Shame, Tail of the Dragon

I think we have all heard of the Tree of the Shame and the biggest shame is that there is not one located at every location that motorcyclists frequent.

You cannot visit Deal’s Gap and the Tail of the Dragon and not stop at the Tree of the Shame for a few minutes. Looking at some of the “decorations,” I was surprised to say the least.

One photo was of a wild pig that ran out in front of a motorcycle, causing the motorcycle rider to go down upon impact. The pig was killed in the accident but the rider was okay. Riding in certain parts of the country, it’s a given that wild animals may cross your path, however, what I was not prepared to see was motorcycle riders crashing into each other.

I saw fenders and motorcycle parts from accidents that were head-on collisions between two motorcycles. Recently, I posted an accident that occurred when one motorcycle rider crossed over into the oncoming lane. In total, two motorcycles were crashed and three persons ejected from their bikes. I was able to confirm that everyone turned out okay. However, think of the fear next time they ride a motorcycle if they ever do again.

I posted many times before and will continue to do so that after riding the Dragon’s Tail, I did not like it. I saw too many inexperienced riders trying to “slay the dragon” who had no reason being out there, and that took away from my enjoying the moment. I even saw three bikes get laid down just trying to leave the parking lot. Watching others drink beer at the restaurant did not make me feel any better.

Riding the Dragon’s Tail is a definite for any motorcycle bucket list, but if you can, ride during the week when there is less traffic.

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