On The Third Day of Christmas-Biker Gift Guide

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Sons of Anarchy

“On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me…”

So we have gremlin bells for good luck and a vest for style. But while you are looking sharp in your new vest, you also need eye wear to match.


Eye wear is mostly overlooked even though it is extremely important. I see people riding with just about anything, and being a fan of Son’s of Anarchy, their eye wear while cool, is not really practical.

Motorcycle riding glasses should be just that, not glasses that you use to look cool with while walking around on a sunny day. The fact is a motorcycle rider is being hit with air and that air gets in-between the frame and your eyes. Not only are dust particles flying into your eyes which could be dangerous.

It seems every time I ride, a bug happens to go over my windshield and hit me in-between my eyebrows and trust, me that hurts! I won’t even touch the subject of dragonflies. I’m wearing a helmet and glasses and have a windshield, and the bug will find a way to hit me in that one spot not covered- Murphy’s Law.

The crazy part, I’ve seen people riding with no eye protection whatsoever. I had a friend once take off his glasses temporarily while riding and that is when the bug flew straight into his eye. Not a pretty sight and the infection that followed even less.


I prefer to ride with eye wear that has the foam around the lens so air does not get in. In the old days, you couldn’t use those same glasses to walk around with because your lens would fog up in a hurry, but new manufacturers have it so that the foam can be removed and snapped back into place when you need it to ride. If not, then just keep an extra pair of regular sunglasses in the saddlebag.

Don’t forget to get a pair with clear lenses for night riding. By the way, always carry the clear motorcycle glasses with you as well. Trust me, the day you plan to be back by noon is the day you aren’t for one reason or another and now you can’t see at night.

To buy eye wear, I would search online unless you happen to be at a motorcycle rally. Shop around and get ready to look cool with your vest and new shades.

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me: motorcycle eye wear.

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