The State Rests- Twin Peaks Shooting

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Waco Biker Shooting Update

Reyna’s Path to Self-Destruction Continues

Autopsy Reports

  • This week the autopsy reports were reviewed in court and shown to the jury.  Family members of bikers Daniel Boyett and Richard Jordan were present and cried during the testimony of the Chief Medical Examiner when he testified in gruesome detail the deadly head shots.
  • Toxicology reports revealed that some of the bikers had in their bloodstream  alcohol, marijuana and methamphetamines.

Firearm Experts

  • Casie Gotro, Christopher Jacob Carrizal’s defense attorney, objected to and successfully had agent Ken Keener excused as a witness. Keener was testifying regarding tracing a .32 caliber bullet, but he never actually performed the trace.
  • Firearm expert April Kendrick tied the three guns that were fired by Waco Police to those recovered from the bodies. The state is trying to separate the deaths of bikers killed by the police and those killed by other bikers.

Churck Carrizal

  • Chuck the brother of Jacob, also testified this week. Part of the questioning focused on the term “tools” and if that was a term to describe weapons since that is based on text messages sent by Jacob Carrizal to members of his club, the Bandidos MC (Dallas Chapter).
  • Chuck Carrizal was also asked and confirmed Jacob owns a yellow motorcycle helmet since prior witness testimony includes a statement that the first shot was fired by someone wearing a yellow helmet.

Till Next Week

  • The trial resumes next week due an audio recording that was provided at the last second by District Attorney’s Office. This has been an ongoing issue between the defense and the state. See a pattern yet?
  • The D.A. claimed that in order to protect the identities and safety of confidential informant(s), the discovery was not provided sooner. Reyna is facing his own set of legal problems thanks to informants.
  • Two men were heard on the audio recording, but one of them is unknown at this time. A protective order was issued to protect the identity of that individual.
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