The Saga or Drama Continues- Nashville Bike Week

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Updated 7/6/17

Star Wars? The Walking Dead? Not even the great ones have as much drama as Nashville Bike Week. Hell, not even my high school drama class had this much drama. Even Kim Kardashian is calling her agent and asking how she can get half the attention Nashville Bike Week is getting.

But, just like in Star Wars or the Walking Dead, the villain always comes back. If not, there is always another villain lurking in the shadows. You can’t have good without bad. What’s Luke Skywalker without Darth Vader? Without Hans Gruber, Die Hard would suck! And regardless of your opinion, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. There’s no argument there.

Die Hard with Bruce Willis

In the old days, the bad guys always wore black. Now, they hide behind a computer and push a button to try to shut down the Nashville Bike Week Scam Page on Facebook. You know, the page with secret administrators that has been able to recoup $80,000+ plus in refunds (as of today, more than $103,000). I guess someone, or many, considered them an obvious threat. When you are responsible for someone losing $80k, you make a few enemies, but there is one thing for sure, you cannot stop a freight train.


Nashville Bike Week Scam Page has faced many threats, but they didn’t back down. And as you see, a shutdown isn’t stopping them. So, after reading this blog, please, go to the Scam Page and give them a round of applause. Hundreds if not thousands of hours have been spent in obtaining documents, interviews, research, etc….  Maybe the bad guys should have tried to stop the page $80k ago, because the next goal is to get more refunds than likes on the Nashville Bike Week page. Maybe the bad guys never gave thought to the fact that the good guys also have computers, are armed to the teeth with evidence, and have no fear.


So what’s next? Nothing. The page will be up soon and if it is not, no biggie. Another one has already been created. The documented evidence didn’t go anywhere. It is all safe in one place, unlike the event which as been to four other locations. Come to think of it, trying to shut down the page was a huge mistake.

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Isoroku Yamamoto ( regarding attack 1941 Pearl Harbor Attack).


As the saga continues, I’ll say Part IV because we are at location number 4, so much remains unanswered. The sharks smell blood and of course are circling if not riding that wave, hoping to get a piece of the action.

One person is supposedly the new owner. Okay, I guess we will skip the legal formality that you need to buy it from Mike Leffingwell who for now is on a forced vacation. Not that it matters, he did say he could run it from jail (yeah, he actually said that). Not to mention you cannot buy something that is illegal. That would make any contract void. Of course, go ahead, buy it, run with the event. Once people see money is made, to quote M.C. Hammer, it’s LAWSUIT TIME! Or, if you prefer the Mike Axle version; Lawyer Up! (insert irony here).

MC Hammer You Cant Touch this
It’s Hammer time!

Oh yea, how can I forget, the legal pundits “yelling bankruptcy.” I’ve answered that question before and I actually happen to know what I am talking about. 

So, is Janelle Roberts running around as an “independent contractor” like she claims? If so, she is working for Mike Axle which by the way, any contract signed under that name is also void. Does she have the legal authority to enter into contracts? Where do these people get their advice from? Fortune cookies? If it is from an attorney, call the cops, you have just been ripped off. Or, inbox Nashville Bike Week Scam Page, they are experts at getting refunds.


Now, once they figure out the actual dates of the 10 day event (it’s really 11 or 14 but who is counting), I’m sure everything else will fall into place. That, and fix their website. Oh, and spell the former location correctly. SMH….

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Once they misspelled Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, it was time to head for Daytona.

Yippy ki-yay mother—

MC Atty

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And now to pick the next location-

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