The Right Way to Change Lanes & Not Be an A******

harley, everglades national park
My Harley Street Glide riding through from Miami, FL to Naples, FL

It is something I will never be wise enough to understand. Why do cars have to endanger our lives unnecessarily? It doesn’t matter whether I am in my car or on my motorcycle. Why do you have to drive like an a**hole?


On our way home via Tamiami Trail after a nice afternoon in Everglades City Florida, a few cars passed us by as you can see in the video below. Now, to be clear, this and worse has happened to me throughout the country, so it is not just a Miami thing, although, we are the best at being the worse. I will never forget the Canadian that was aggressive towards me on this same stretch of road a couple of years ago.

Anyway, as you can see in this video, this truck pulling the boat just jumped right in front of me. Now, for those not familiar with this area, this is a one-lane road that stretches from Miami to Naples, about 100 miles. The remaining thirty miles of this trip, this same idiot was in front of me!

He couldn’t go anywhere! Know why? Because there are probably another 100 cars in front of him! So what is the point of jumping in front of me? By the way, when cars, trucks, and trailers jump in front of a motorcycle, all the gravel, dirt, sand, debris, and pebbles pops us and hits our bikes and face- another reason not to do it!

Trust me, I was hoping to bump into a police officer when we reached the first traffic signal which is on Krome Avenue. With the GOPRO camera linked to my cell phone, I can not only show the police officer the video, but more importantly, point out that there was no tag on trailer.


I think harder than anything else when we ride is to not let an idiot like this screw up our day.

Be safe.

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