The Mongols MC & CNN’s This is Life with Lisa Ling

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Mongols MC


Never done before other than “exposes” and documentaries that do nothing but perpetuate the myth that the Mongols MC and other MC’s are nothing more than criminal organizations, This is Life with Lisa Ling took another approach. Are you ready for this— they went with the truth. CNN’s approach was reinforced by William Dulaney, an expert on motorcycle outlaws.

In light of Waco Twin Peaks shootout, Lisa Ling reached out to the Mongols MC for the story; I’m glad she did. If there could be a silver lining from Waco, it is the mc world is front and center. Because of the exaggerations of Waco with massive arrests and the continuing issues on how this case is being handled politically and legally, more light will shine on Waco and other motorcycle clubs. While the mc’s have always avoided the spotlight, it seems the tide is changing and this may be the opportunity they were looking for.


The Mongols MC finally put to rest the legal battle of whether their patches can be taken away from them based on the legal theory they are a criminal organization. Personally, I thought that was a clever argument by the government, but realistically, I never expected them to win that one.

The reality is just because fifty something Mongols get arrested doesn’t mean the entire organization is criminal anymore than when 5 attorneys in a law firm of 10 get arrested. For some reason, actually, because of prejudice, when five attorneys commit criminal acts, the government thinks just that and would never conceive calling the firm a “gang of white collared criminals.” But, if 5% of the Mongols MC commit criminal acts, then it is a vast criminal enterprise. When you think about it, the government has brought done hundreds of members of the mafia, huge medicare fraud rings, the cartels, but cannot bring down a club?


The Mongols MC keeping their patch is a major legal victory and if Waco ends the way we all believe it will, that is two major victories for the clubs back-to-back. That would be the government’s sign to move on and re-categorize their priorities. Just think of the amount of money, time, and manpower that could be saved. Although, realistically, the more the government loses these battles, the more likely they will continue their efforts since no one likes to look bad and they have an endless supply of resources.


No one said the Mongols MC or any mc is a group of angels, but then again, they aren’t any angels in church either or the government. There is no denying the history of clubs, but there is denying of the present. Sometimes, you have to change your approach and the Mongols did just that; they went public. A risky move but a move that I believed worked.

Einstein said it best when it came to doing things the same way over and over again and expecting a different result. It was even discussed and caught on film instances of random profiling, including law enforcement in the parking lot of where they had their family fun day party. Maybe, the tide is beginning to change.

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  • January 7, 2018 at 9:59 am

    I dont watch cnn. Fake news!

  • January 6, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    Very true, it was a different angle. Not a bad show. I don’t ride with clubs, but I’m cool with it. Know many that do. Other age brackets have made a decision they like this type of boot way too.

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