The Korean War Memorial in Belle Fourche, South Dakota

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Belle Fourche South Dakota

For the most part, I believe Belle Fourche in South Dakota is mostly overlooked by tourists and visitors. You probably won’t see anything promoting the small town and if you come across it, it is most likely by mistake. But, that didn’t deter me from wanting to visit Belle Fourche since it is marked as the geo-center of the United States.


Both times that I stayed in South Dakota, I stayed in Spearfish and traveled to Devils Tower Wyoming, then to Belle Fourche. In total, it is just a hair over hundred miles with easy riding and the roads in good condition.

At Belle Fourche, you have every state in the United States represented with the state flag.

belle fourche, united states flag
A paved path takes through the each state flag.

You can walk right up to the marker and stand on top of it for some cool photos.

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I’m officially standing in the center of the United States. I’ll smile next time.

There is also the Korean War Memorial as you can see in the video below. On the same property you also have the Buckskin John Spaulding Cabin which is believed to be the first person to take up residence in Belle Fourche. The cabin is interesting for the mere fact that you are experiencing a home built in 1876 with many original pieces still inside.

belle fourche south dakota hotels
Buckskin Johnnie’s 1876 cabin
south dakota
Dining area and antique stove at the cabin


Since there is no charge to visit the Korean War Memorial or the marker of Belle Fourche, or the cabin, it is worth visiting. It should not take more than a half hour to see everything and it is the perfect place to stop and stretch your legs before you continue further south to Sturgis which is less than thirty miles away.

Enjoy your trip.

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