The Jury Speaks- Twin Peaks Biker Shooting

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Jurors from the trial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal speak.

Updates Biker Shooting at Waco Twin Peaks

The jurors in the first trial of the Waco Twin Peaks shooting are speaking publicly. Channel 25 in Central Texas interviewed three jurors regarding the case of Christopher Jacob Carrizal, the president of the Dallas Chapter of the Bandidos and the first one that was tried and resulted in a mistrial.

Two jurors spoke on camera with Channel 25 regarding their experiences. One juror commented that based on the evidence presented, it was not enough to focus on the text messages sent by Carrizal to other members of the club. These text messages were played out in court where Carrizal texted club members to bring their “tools” (meaning weapons). Carrizal’s second trial is scheduled for April 2018.

There is no law that requires the Bandidos to skip their appearance at a previously scheduled meeting knowing the possibility exists that they may be attacked by the Cossacks or any other club. Reyna can focus all he wants on the past of the Bandidos and patches meaning this or that, but that only shows his desperate attempts to obtain convictions at all costs. But, don’t take my word for it, find one legal expert actually siding with the District Attorney and the absurd charges for which club members were indicted for.


Reyna did at least get a free pass earlier this week. Late Friday, Reyna filed to quash a subpoena to prevent him and three other members of his staff from testifying.

Attorney Clint Broden, who represents Matthew Clendennen, has been focusing on a possible federal investigation regarding alleged political favors by Reyna.

Broden’s subpoena was denied since the testimony of one witness was based on hearsay evidence. But even then, it’s safe to assume all the other defense attorney’s will do the same in attempt to show that Reyna played favorites when it came to prosecuting or not prosecuting individuals. This is an issue that is not going to go away anytime soon, especially when you consider the seriousness of the allegations. The fact friends and political supporters may have a “get out of jail” free card not only shows unethical and illegal behavior, but shows biased against the bikers.

Remember, a former prosecutor from Reyna’s office resigned supposedly because of the political favoritism.

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