The Grassy Knoll and the Waco Twin Peaks Shooting

waco texas biker shooting, waco twin peaks shooting
Crime Scene at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, Texas

Updated 8/19/17

With less than a month to go with the first trial scheduled in the Waco Texas Biker Shooting, an important question remains unanswered- who fired the fatal shot that killed Cossacks Motorcycle Club member Daniel Raymond Boyett?

Boyett died from gunshot wounds to the head. Below you see one page from Boyett’s autopsy report that reads the direction of the bullet traveled downward, so shot from an elevated platform, and that bullet fragments were recovered.

Bandidos MC, outlaw motorcycle gangs


Below is another page from Boyett’s autopsy report that shows another bullet was recovered and again, the bullet traveled in a downward direction. Boyett was also shot in the left side of abdomen.

bandidos motorcycle club, bandidos motorcycle gang

Prior reports indicate that twelve shots were fired which resulted in the death of nine bikers. Prior reports also indicate that three officers fired .223 caliber bullets/rifles and one of the bullets that entered Boyett’s head was tied into one of those three rifles. But the second bullet has not been tied into any rifle. Think about that.

So either one of the three officers used two different rifles which is absurd to think that, or the more logical conclusion, there is a fourth shooter. But with a forth shooter, why hasn’t his or hers identity been revealed. After more than two years since the shooting and mountains of discovery provided, why does this remain a mystery?

The issue is not that there is a fourth shooter as it would not make a difference if there were forty-four shooters, just that a shot was fired that entered Boyett’s head, and yet, no one knows from which rifle that shot was fired from nor whom fired that shot. So this goes only one of two ways: one, extreme incompetence on behalf of the Waco Police Department and the Prosecutor’s Office, two- a cover-up or conspiracy of some kind. Either way, this will go a long way in the favor of the defense.


Yesterday’s hearing involved Jacob Carrizal, seen in the picture below, who is the president of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Carrizal has been charged with one count of directing activities of a criminal street gang, one count of engaging in organized criminal activity with the underlying offense of murder and one count of engaging in organized criminal activity with the underlying offense of aggravated assault.

waco shootout
Jacob Carrizal, President of Bandidos MC – Dallas Chapter

UPDATE- The Ambush Continues

Three more bikers have received new indictments from a grand jury. Keep in mind that trials begin next month.

The same superseding indictments handed down by the grand jury on Carrizal, are similar to the ones issued to Matthew Clendennen, Cody Ledbetter, and Thomas Landers. The charges now include murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, engaging in organized criminal activity.


I had already wrote that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) would use the recently released Texas Gang Threat Assessment Report which named the Bandidos Motorcycle Club as a motorcycle gang in the trial. That’s evident with the charges, especially if you consider that Carrizal was charged in late June with a superseding indictment of which was a surprise to his attorney, Casie Gotro.

Apparently, McLennan County Texas District Attorney Abel Reyna nor his office advised Gotro that they returned to the grand jury for additional indictments.

Click here to read about the grand jury process.


Defense attorney Gotro was granted by Judge Strother a request to retest the ballistic evidence tied into the three rifles that were fired during the shootout. Gotro has requested on three separate occasions information regarding the same. Gotro also mentioned that a prior subpoena with DPS has not been complied with regarding footage from a “covert camera.”

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