The Future of Electric Motorcycles

triumph motorcycle
Bob Dylan and his Triumph Motorcycle

Bob Dylan was right, “the times are a changin.”

Who would know better than Dylan who angered crowds when the voice of the political generation went from acoustic guitar and harmonica to the electric guitar? And just like the electric guitar came and conquered, so will the electric motorcycle.

Zero Motorcycles is the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry. Just two weeks ago, the 100th fleet of the motors division in Canada purchased two more motorcycles from the electric motorcycle manufacturer.

electric motorcycles, zero motorcycles
Zero Electric Motorcycles being used by police in Canada.

An electric motorcycle provides stealth, no shifting, can be used indoors, has zero emissions, costs approximately a penny per mile and has a maintenance free power train. I even blogged how the U.S. Marines are now using electric motorcycles as well.

marine MARSOC
MARSOC Motorcycle Gangs in Afghanistan. You’ll never hear them coming.

Now motorcycle rivals Honda and Yamaha are working together on a electric scooter rental program in Japan. Talk about the times are changing.

Honda and Yamaha are doing a test run north of Tokyo, where thirty scooters can be rented and set up with battery charging stations as well. The program would be similar to the Citi bike program.

citi bike map
Citi Bike New York

Working together leads one to the conclusion that they have mass production in mind. It has already been rumored that both companies are working on the concept of electric motorcycles, and after seeing the success of Zero Motorcycles, that is the next logical move for the Japanese giants and motorcycle manufacturers in general.

Lately, Harley Davidson Motorcycles has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons. Their market share is down and the motorcycle market has changed drastically as baby boomers aren’t buying motorcycles and millennials prefer a different style all together. Click here for my blog on Harley Davidson’s financial struggles as of late.

Seeing the success of Zero Motorcycles and now seeing others following in it’s tire tracks, a thought came to mind- imagine an executive at Harley Davidson trying to convince the board that they have to commit to having a line of electric motorcycles as well.

Yeah, I can imagine the backlash from the hardcore Harley enthusiasts who want blinding chrome and thunder heard a mile away. But, the future has never been dependent upon the past. You can reminisce all you want, but I sincerely doubt you are using a television set that still has rabbit ears. I’m sure you traded in the pliers for a remote control a long time ago.

old television set
We all did this.

So, society adjusts and so will you. Nothing wrong with the old styles and throwbacks, just look at the success and comeback of Indian Motorcycles, but, Indian is on both sides of the spectrum, new and old, millennials and baby boomers.

Regardless of what you ride, there is one thing Bob┬áDylan was also right about, and that is “the answer my friends is blowin in the wind.”

MC Atty

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