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The Gap Band may have dropped the bomb on you, baby, but it is the Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee that is dropping the bomb on Mike Axel/Axle, and/or  Mike Leffingwell on Nashville Bike Week!

The BBB has now come out publicly in a television interview with Channel 5 News of Nashville, Tennessee to warn about the event. “There’s not anything but red flags” said Kathleen Calligan, head of the BBB in Middle Tennessee. If you want to see some of the red flags I blogged about, follow the link of Motorcycle Scam of the Century?- Nashville Bike Week.

The BBB has even gone as far to release on their website in a section titled “Products and Services that Middle Tennessee Can Do Without” a statement regarding the event. Calligan went on to say she is skeptical because of the man running the show and his history. “We know this individual. We know the companies that he’s operated in the past. And there’s a pattern. And the pattern is taking money in advance and services not performed.”



Now, let me look into my crystal ball. Mike Axle/Leffingwell will say the show is going forward and the media keeps kicking him in the teeth, the haters and internet trolls, not to mention me (Garcia, Rodriguez, whatever the f*** his name is. El Fonzo, ambulance chasing attorney down in Miami that should take the cigar out of his mouth) are trying destroy the event for no reason at all and that the biker community should stick together no matter what.

This, even though there are numerous complaints about him from within the biker community that he has ripped them off. Here’s one. On Facebook the complaints run into the thousands if you see the comments posted. There’s plenty more. Just Google “Mike Leffingwell,” “Mike Axle,” “Nashville Bike Week,” “Nashville Bike Week Scam.” There are more complains on him than Chinese Drywall. 

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One thing I mentioned in a prior blog was the issue of the permits. He responded to that in a radio show interview on Facebook Live by stating that he was told to apply sixty days before the event. The Department of Health never seems to say that though, only Axle/Axel/Leffingwell. I haven’t confirmed if that is true with the permit department, but, let’s just suppose the event doesn’t pass inspection. Now what? What if it can’t be corrected in 60 days? But of course, in another of many contradictions, in the video segment by Channel 5 News, it shows how he stated the new location has been approved by the state.


Coincidentally, on Facebook a family member of the property owners of that location said the event is not being held there, but Axle/Axel/Leffingwell replied that is what appears on the property appraiser’s website for the county. Of course, the state has confirmed per Channel 5 News that no licenses/permits have been applied for. “He’s repeatedly been warned, yet continues to ignore the law.”

The “new location” which took several weeks more than he promised, was delayed initially because of the lawyers, later on it was sixty cows. Don’t be surprised if the Chupacabra, Skunk Ape, or Bigfoot are behind the next round of delays. One more time–

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The report continues with Axle/Axel/Leffingwell has been repeatedly arrested for theft and writing worthless checks. Isn’t that why Loretta Lynn’s Ranch terminated the contract? Because checks were bouncing higher than a rubber ball dropped from the mountain of inconsistencies?

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To hear the interviews he did, make sure your mother, grandmother, or children aren’t around for the profanity laced interview on Facebook with Wide Open Radio that had more curse words than George Carlin’s skit on 7 Dirty Words or Tony Montana in Scarface, and more insults than a Celebrity Roast. He also did an interview the week prior with Motorcycle Mayhem Radio also on Facebook.

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I’m out! Perfectamundo!

MC Atty

aka El Fonzo.

P.S. Guess who’s jumping the shark now?

Go old school and watch the Gap Band video “You Dropped the Bomb on Me.”


For the segment by Channel 5 News, click the here.

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4 thoughts on “The BBB BOMB! Nashville Bike Week

  • March 2, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    I just edited that article b/c I forgot to include how it was ok for him to tag me multiple times to promote his event. Why use my name? Maybe it has something to do with my reputation, especially since I considered going and not to mention he posted it in our group page with 3000+ members.

  • March 2, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    And everyone. But list is bigger. Now sue the BBB. Also WKRN since they both have more money than me. Besides, I’m a bankruptcy attorney- that’s the wrong person to sue.

  • March 2, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    So. It’s been six days now since Mike promised on live radio to serve papers to you. Just wondering what they said?
    Six whole days is an eternity in today’s high speed internet world!
    Maybe that sixty cow situation took his team of attorneys more time than he thought?

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