Road Rage- “I’m No Longer Angry!”

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I have learned that when I get cut off on the bike, my initial reaction of anger has never worked. It only makes things worse. One day, the consequences may lead to a physical confrontation or worse and unfortunately, this recent video proves that.

In the 60’s, MLK marched with passive resistance in mind. No physical confrontation. It wasn’t easy, it hurt, but it worked. I have since taken the approach when someone cuts me off, if on a road where I can catch up to that person at a light, I’ll tap on his window and proceed to explain how their very act has injured and killed many that I know. Guilt seems to work much better than “the finger” or F.U.!

I also ride with a GoPro camera, and I have said I have no problems submitting videos to the employers of commercial drivers out there who have cut me off more times than I care to think while riding.


Fact is, cagers know they win the fight each time and do not care about cutting you off! They will even tell you! However, if that person loses his job b/c of a video I sent to an employer- oh well, that is KARMA and in my opinion, you should thank me b/c losing a job is better and a lot less complicated than killing someone.

I posted a video on “Merging” not too long ago. A white Mercedes cut me off hard and “shot me the bird” when I honked. Yes, a major *******!

People have told me I’m going to get sued for showing license plates. My answer is twofold- (1) SUE ME! That would be fun! It is not my problem if one day a video goes viral and everyone figures out you are an *******! Again, that’s your KARMA not mine! (2) Without researching the law, I know the roads are public and you have zero right to privacy on a public road. I am not allowed to record your voice w/o your knowledge, but I can videotape and take all the pics I wish. Think about it- don’t you post pics all the time and strangers are in the background?


Going back to Mr. White Mercedes, it’s a shame the license plate did not come out clearly in the video. I hope that is not always the case. Which reminds me, another GoPro camera on the back of the bike is a good idea because the video doesn’t show how he was driving over 80+ mph to catch up and then cut me off!

We have a right as much as everyone else to be on the road.We have done nothing to you to deserve to be tailgated, cut off, even purposely run off the road (yes- that has happened to me too), while you drive away with a traffic ticket, we may never walk again!

And to be clear, I am that guy on the motorcycle or car that when I see you texting/driving, I honk at you to make you stop. Sometimes, I get a FU or the “bird,” sometimes the driver acknowledges they are wrong. One guy acknowledged it and continued to do it on the Palmetto. So I got next to him, until he stopped! I may have saved a life if not many that day!

Be safe out there my friends!

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