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So someone made a comment on my blog, a very logical statement that resulted in me looking up the Tennessee Code for the Tennessee Mass Gathering Law.

One subsection that jumped out at me is as follows:

The address and legal description of all property upon which the assembly is to be held together with the name, residence and mailing address of the record owner or owners of all the property;


Mike Axle keeps saying a new location is coming. We have been hearing that since February. When a map of the location was posted, the daughter of the landowner took to social media to make clear that was her family’s land and that no event would be held there. Axle replied stating that is what shows up on satellite maps. So, I will assume that this is a third location.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter and the reason is simple enough– the submitted application would have to list the location. In addition, a notarized statement by the landowner approving of the application pursuant to 68-112-105(c)(3) along with proof of ownership is required.

So, there is no need to keep us in suspense about the new location. Just tell us where it is because it would have to be revealed on the application anyway. By the way, the application and address is public record.


Continuing to read the statute is interesting because of the following:

  1. All partners in the corporation must sign it. We have heard before there are other partners.
  2. Everyone’s contact information.
  3. The maximum number allowed to sleep at the location per local ordinance or zoning laws. I can’t find zoning laws for that area online, but what would your guess be on how many can spend the night?
  4. Here is the link to Humphrey County. No mention of the event, but they sure love Loretta Lynn.
  5. Besides all that, the application has to explain as well plans on how to limit the maximum amount of people expected, fencing/boundary, plans for potable water, toilet/lavatory facilities (1 toilet for every 200 females/300 females)including the source and disposal, medical facilities including the construction of medical structure along with contact information of all doctors/nurses retained (1 doctor for every 10,000 people & 1 nurse for every 5,000), contact information for security personnel as well as how many (1 for every 750 people), fire protection (obvious one), sound control including details such as power of the amplifiers and speakers, lighting for the entire area, free parking.
  6. By the way, lying on the application is a crime, usually a 3rd degree felony.

Furthermore, to issue the license- proof that a fence surrounding the entire location with sufficient height to prevent people from getting in with at least 4 access points (north, south, east, west) 68-112-104.

How big is this location again?

MC Atty

Consult with an licensed attorney in the state of Tennessee especially one that has experience in land use planning for further information.

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