TAPS- Nashville Bike Week 2017

nashville bike week cancelled 2017

The time for the “world’s greatest” bike week, “the next Sturgis,” the event to “shake the heavens,” is officially….DEAD!

No more 100 bands! Backstage with Gene Simmons. Maybe “Bobby” shows up. Unlimited beer tickets. Nothing! Nada! Zilch! I still wonder where the sixty cows are being held.

Because of Hurricane Irma, I was without power for six days and could not blog sooner. But, between the heat, humidity, mosquitoes and almost warm beer as I look out from my terrace at the wooden fence that needs to be rebuilt, I couldn’t help but think, what a “dushe” this guy!


When I first wrote about Mike Leffingwell and Nashville Bike Week, I called it the Scam of the Century. I, and countless others faced his wrath. His manipulation. His bulliness, passive aggressive behavior. We were called derogatory names and threatened with lawsuits. And with all that, many, maybe hundreds if not thousands thought we were the problem, “haters.” Many pled ignorance, some lacked common sense that a wanted fugitive + no locations(s)= SCAM.

From there, come those who wanted to profit from the event, like Janelle Roberts; Mike’s former employee/girlfriend/face of Nashville Bike Week/partner in crime. Now, another event sprung up which I refuse to name since I don’t want thousands of more people looking it up if I mention it, illegally took the client database of Nashville Bike Week and in violation of the CAM-SPAM act, emailed everyone to come to his event.

Then came the rest of Mike’s dysfunctional group of friends that for a few hundred bucks, would go on social media, bash anyone and everyone, call their places of employment, and threaten with more lawsuits.

Even worse, those businesses in the motorcycle industry that took Nashville Bike Week’s money and advertised for Mike. Whether it was putting the event on the front cover of a magazine or promoting it on social media. All of you will hear a knock on your door sooner or later, and it’s called KARMA. Never “do business” with a man that will sell out his own mother. Trust me, someone like the feds will say you didn’t do this alone, and dangle a carrot in front of Mike. At that point, Leffingwell will sing like a bird and start implicating everyone. And when that happens, “lawyer up.”


Now that the date has come and gone, when will all this end? Well, there will be short periods of rest, but this will continue for a long time. Mike Axle still hasn’t even gotten close to finishing his first case in Kentucky, and trust me, the judges will agree to any and all delays. Yes, the system is a game and it will play you. After that, what is it? I think six cases in six more jurisdictions? Then, let’s see if the federal government and local state attorney’s office pursue charges. I hope the feds do, because there could be a big chunk of change out there. If one person has the money, I have one guess on who that could be.

There could also be more criminal charges if people come after him for the scams he used to run on craigslist.com before he started Nashville Bike Week.

Like, Hurricane Irma, I’m glad Nashville Bike Week is gone for now, but I know like hurricane season, it will be back for more.

MC Atty

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